MULTIFUNCTIONAL AUTOMATIC ALU/ALU PACKING MACHINE You May Also Be Interested In: alu machine touch screen control system
This machine is widely used for packing capsules & tablets for pharmaceutical industries and some similar shape electronic elements etc. solid blocky articles. This alu/alu packing can prevent the packing articles from the sunlight. It has the following function: Automatic material filling, automatic roller- pressing heat sealing, vertical & horizontal Perforation, press the batch number, and automatic cut the waste edge and punching the finished products and transfer out the finished products. Adopt vibrating material feed to screen out scraps and dust enable to guarantee good quality packaging. PLC+touch screen control system, automatic counting function. Machine will be stop automatically if have some troubles with it and indicate the cause of the troubles via the touch screen.

Technical Parameters:
Machine Model DLB-160E
Output 20 000-60 000 Capsules or tablets/Hour
Punching Times 16-50 Punches/min
Heat Sealing Roller Rotary Speed 7-15R/min
Working Noise <= 80DdB (A)
Packaging Material Alu/Plastic compound foil: 0.08W160mm (thicknessWwidth)
Air Supply Clean Compressed Air: 0.4 Mpa >=0.10M3/min
Power Supply 380V110%, 50/60Hz, 3ph 3Kw (nonstandard Voltages upon request) .
Machine Size/N. W. 1450W600W1670mm Net Weight: 600KG