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"Features description:
*Through the pressure relief therapy combining air pressure, fomenting and music with leading science and technology, it can improve the eyesight with the functions of relaxing, pressure relieving and refreshing.
*Fashionable appearance design with colorful LED indication.
*Through the innovative music therapy, it can improve the sleeping and protect the health of the eyes.
*It is allocated with 7 pieces of light music for free selection, which can stabilize the emotions and alleviate the pressure.
*Through seven kinds of air pressure kneading ways, it can fully relieve eye fatigue, restore the contraction function of ciliary muscles, adjust the flexibility of ciliary muscles and prevent the eye axis from stretching or shrinking.
*Through three kinds of heating ways as well as the infrared wave radiated by the carbon fiber heater, it can safely act on the eyes to effectively improve and promote the microcirculation, oxygen adding and channels and collaterals dredging of eye tissue.
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