Sell MX Double End Tenoner

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Complete safety hood against noise and dust, with automatic power OFF protection against opening hood.
High precision synchronous pedrail and chains, guaranteeing superior working accuracy.
Feeding system adopts stepless sped change and synchronous differential system(lead and l ag) , fully satisfying working requirements of different work pieces.
The main spindle adopts special material and is precisely processd, assembled and dynamically balanced, guaranteeing superior stability and accuracy.
First class linear guide and numerical controller for width setting, providing accurate positioning and easy operation.
Horizontal, vertical and +450tilting micrometric adjustments of each spindle, with precise numerical readouts.
Different tools are able to be installed on the spindle for multiple processing
Equal tenon thickness control system fully guarantees the finished quality.
Mico-processor control pump for guide rain and chain lubrication, guaranteeing smoth feeding performance and working accuracy.
Main electric components and transmission units are purchased from quality international brands, guaranteeing reliability.
Optional roller table for large boards, guaranteeing working quality

Model&specs MX3825x8J MX3825F MX3820F
Max. working width mm 2500 2500 2000
Min. working width mm 250 230 230
Working thickness mm 10-60 10-80 10-80
Clearance btw. blocks mm 400 400 400
Milling spindle speed r/min 7500 7000 7000
Saw spindle speed r/min 3000 3000 3000
Feed speed m/min 5-20 5-20 5-20
Milling spindle Dia. mm X40 X40 X40
Saw spindle Dia. mm X30 X30 X30
Bottom saw blade mm X250- X300 X200- X300 X200- X300
Top saw blade mm X200- X250 X200- X250 X200- X250
Motor power Milling spindle 4.0KW/5.5HP 4.0KW/5.5HP 4.0KW/5.5HP
Bottom saw spindle 3.0KW/4HP 3.0KW/4HP 3.0KW/4HP
Top saw spindle 4.0KW/5.5HP 3.0KW/4HP 3.0KW/4HP
Feed motor 2.2KW/3HP 1.5KW/2HP 1.5KW/2HP
Width calibrating 0.75KW/1HP 0.75KW/1HP 0.75KW/1HP
Total power kw 33KW/45HP 22.25KW/30HP 22.25KW/30HP
Suction hood Dia. mm X100-8 X100-6 X100-6
Overall dimensions mm 4850x3380x1720 4650x3100x1680 4150x3100x1680
Weight kg 4800 4350 4100