Sell MZ73212 MZ73212A Double Lining Multi-Axle Woodworking Drill

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1. The driller covers a large scope, and all the bits can be joined fast, so it is quick and convenient;
2. The drilling depth and distance are controled photoelectric switch(optional) and linear guide, so it can find out the location quickly and accrately;
3. Using imported brand-name original platoon driller, electrical machine and linear guide, so it is durable;
4. Selection of high quality steel parts, it is never deformed by high-strenth heat treatment;
5. Equipped with digital calculator to measure sizes which enhances the work efficiency.

Technical Features
MZ73212 MZ73212A
Max working depth: 35mm 35mm
Max working depth: 60mm 60mm
Length between vertixal spindle heads: 285-1220mm /
Number of spindle: 21spindles*2lines/21spindles*2lines
Spindle speed: 2840r/min 2840r/min
Install powe: 1.5kw*2 1.5kw*2
Air pressure: 6-8kg/cm2 6-8kg/cm2
Overall size: 2400*1080*1400mm 2400*1080*1400mm