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The health benefits of maca have been known since immemorial times even before the Peruvians were conquered by the Spaniards. People of the Andes have discovered the use of maca not only as an aphrodisiac but as a powerful herb that can cure a lot of illnesses.

Maca is also known scientifically as Lepidiun Meyenii and it is grown primarily for the healing wonders of its roots which are dried and kept in storage. This herb was considered sacred by the Incas, because of its many properties.

Its main benefits are:
- It4s a natural multivitamin.
- Restore the strength and increase the libido.
- Promotes hormonal balance in the body.
- Effective remedy against the negative effects of menopause.
- Improved fertility in men and women.
- Thanks to its high content of minerals is good for preventing and treating osteoporosis.
- Regulates the endocrine system.
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