Sell Machinery Processing, Riveting and Welding

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Metallurgical, mechanical and equipment processing plant of the company can undertake design, processing, production and installation of various mechanical equipment, besides steel rolling machine, and also the manufacture of various mining, sintering, iron and steel-making, etc. metallurgical complete set equipment and spare parts. Such as 180 T oxygen converter, 1550x250mm plate suspending straightening machine, annealing furnace of the whole hydrogeb mask, 1250mm cantalever straightener etc. .
The riveting and welding plant of the company has a very strong technical force, the technical personnel makes up more than 1/3 of the total staff, the company can also undertake the manufacture of various metallurgical structural equipment, formwork, gang board, oil tank, water tank, pipeline and dust-collecting and environmental protection equipment of various sizes, the company also undertakes the construction of bridge, concrete building as well as underwater and high-altitude operations from omniberaing etc. . No matter what sizes and shapes of the forging and casting spare parts including special-shaped parts, we will never refuse you and promise to satisfy you with best quality and finish the task on schedule.