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Machining, Powder Metallurgy, Saw Blade, Turning Products You May Also Be Interested In: automobile engine parts electric power tool metallurgy saw powder metallurgy power tool parts
1) Materials: different kinds of stainless steel, copper or aluminum alloy, Iron series, copper series, copper steel alloy series, horniness alloy, diamond
2) Applied software for specification drawings: Pro-E, Auto CAD 2000, Solid work 2001, UG, CATIA
3) Main equipment: The maximum machining precision: 10u, machining center, Precision lathe, CNC lathe, the maximum Compacting equipment: 750T, Continuous sintering furnace, sizing machine, oil impregnation equipment, steam treatment equipment, 200T punch press, auto toothing machine, gravity pressing machine, full auto-bonding machine, welding intensity test machine
4) Surface treatment: zinc plating, nickel plating, chrome plating, grinding, different kinds of coating
5) Applications: auto parts, different kinds of machine parts, automobile engine parts, electric power tool parts, saw blade used to sawing aluminum material, steel, stainless steel, marble, granite, plastic, and wood