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Our company supply hight quality Magnesium Carbonate. Usage: It use as the reinforcer and stuffing in the rubber industry. It can use to make adiabatic, fireproofing and heat preservation products, using in high class glasses, porcelain enamel and ceramic to make the surface brightness. It also uses to product Magnesium Salt, paint, pigment, daily use cosmetic shipbuilding and boiler manufacture.
Its quality index is:
MgO %>= 41-45
CaO %<= 0.43
Moisture %<= 2
Insoluble in Hcl solution %<= 0.1
Fe%<= 0.02
Chloride (Cl) %>= 0.1
As%<= -
Screening residues(through 150um mesh) %<= 0.025
Sulphate %<= 0.1
Losses in ignition %<= 54-58
Soluble Chloride% <= -
Heavy metal <= -
Natrium % -
Kalium % -
Surface density(g/ml) %<= 0.12
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