Sell Magnesium Ingot and Alloy

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Magnesium metal and alloy:

1. Magnesium Ingot:99.9%-99.95%, 99.95%, 99.98%
2. Magnesium Ingot type (by weight) : 100g,300g,500g,1kg,2.5kg,7.5kg,14kg,15.89kg, other
3. Magnesium Alloy:AZ91D, AZ91HP, AM50, AM60, AZ63, AS21, etc.
4. Prime Magnesium:98%min
5. Magnesium Powder: 98.5%min, SIZE:5-325mesh
6. Magnesium waste & scrap piece: MG:99.9%min,
7. Magnesium Plate: 99%min, 4mm-8mm X400-1350mm X 400-1350mm
8. Magnesium Chips:99%min 5-12MM X 3-4MM X 0.5-1MM 95%min
9. Magnesium Alloy Powder: AZ91D, AZ91HP, AM50, AM60, AZ63, AS21, etc. SIZE:5-325mesh

We can supply you with all kinds of magnesium metal and alloy and its extend products as above.
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