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Light magnesium oxide is used in metallurgy, smelting, senior magnesia brick, refractory material, also widely used in rubber, rubber sheet,
rubber products, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, plastic plate glass, the promotion of the surface coating and piled plasticizer paint,
paper manufacturing, steel polish and leather fat, insulation materials, dyes, ceramics, desiccant, flame retardant resin, etc.

Below is the standard specification of light magnesium oxide for your reference:

Molecular Formula MgO
Molecular weight 40.32
Appearance white light loose powder
Standard HG/T2573--2006
MgO >=95%
Fe3+ 0.10%
CaO <=0.5%
Cl- <=0.25%
Insoluble matter <=0.3%
Loss on drying (7000 <=5.0%
SO42- <=0.5%
Residue on sieve (200mesh) <=0.05%
moisture (1050) : <=0.35%
density <=0.25g/ml
packing net 25kg/woven bags lining with plastic bags

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