Sell Magnesium Oxied (all kind)

Magnesium Oxied (all kind) You May Also Be Interested In: magnesium chloride
Magnesium Oxide (light)
Package: woven bag lined with plastic-inner bag
Specification: 10KG/bag or 20KG/bag
Molecular formula: MgO
Property: This commodity is a white amorphism powder. It is odorless, no taste and innocuous. It is difficult to dissolve in water and organic solution. If ignition under the temperature <=1000 :C, it will change to crystal and if under the temperature <=1500 :C, it will change to MgO or Sinter MgO. And when combine with the Co2, it will change to Magnesium Carbonation

Usage: This product use as stuffing and reinforce in the light color plastic and rubber products; use in the manufacture of porcelain, porcelain enamel, and other high class fire-resistant material: It also can use in the polish, adhesive, neoprene and fluororubber producing as the accelerant and activation. If it combine with the Magnesium Chloride can produce out magnesium chloride cement. And it also cans use in the manufacture of glass, dyestuff, bakelite act

items index
Supper grade First class Second grade
MgO %>= 95.0 93.0 92.0
Insoluble in Hcl solution %<= 0.10 0.20 -
CaO %<= 1.0 1.5 2.0
Sulphate (SO4) %<= 0.20 - -
CuO %<= 0.0002 0.0004 0.0007
Screening residues(through 150um mesh) %<= 0.03 0.05 0.20
Fe%<= 0.05 0.06 0.10
Mn%<= 0.003 0.010 -
Chloride (Cl) %<= 0.035 0.10 0.15
Losses in ignition %>= 3.5 5.0 5.5
Accumulation density(g/ml) %<= 0.20 0.20 0.25
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