Sell Magnetic Stripe Card, CR80 card

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1) Size: 86mm * 54mm
2) Craft: blank card, pre-printed card, Signature Panel , embossing, numbering, etc.
3) Magnetic stripe width: narrow band, wide band.
4) Options: LoCo(Low Coercivity ) : 300oe
HiCo(High Coercivity ) : 2750oe
5) Magnetic Stripe include:
A, 2 tracks - 2 lines of data, first line alpha, second line numeric
B, 3 tracks - 3 lines of data, first line alpha, second & third line numeric
C, levels of coercivity - 3 levels of resistance to demagnetization (harder to encode and erase) .

CR80 card
* It is card in ISO standard size.
L: 85.47~85.72mm
W: 54.03~53.92mm
* The cards are made from pvc material.
* Craft : Printing (Offset & Silk Screen & Individual ) , Embossing, Magnetic Stripe, Signature Panel, Chip Technology, Hologram, and Barcode.
*Memory Chip : Mifare / EM / TK/Temic /SLE etc.
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