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magnetic supports, magnetic wraps, and magnetic braces that deliver deep penetrating magnetic therapy and energy to any part of the body to help relieve pain and improve circulation. We have magnetic therapy wraps and braces for your knees, waist, back, feet, ankles, wrist, elbow, and more. Magnetic Therapy is used as non-medical treatment to help relieve pain and increase the bodys natural healing process for faster recovery time. It is believe that magnets, when applied to the injured area, improve blood flow and oxygen levels thus reducing inflammation and enhancing the bodys natural healing process. It is also suggested that the magnetic field may block pain signals to the brain. There have been recent breakthroughs in studies using magnetic therapy. In November of 1997 a study was conducted at Baylor College of Medicine. Due to the favorable results, this study was published in the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.