Sell Magnetic compass inductor

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Install the magnetic compass inductor in the glass surface of the magnetic compass, it could translated the reading of the compass into digital reading and show the reading on the screen. The product make it more convenient to input the position data into navigation system from magnetic compass.
This product is suitable for size of 130mm /5 " and 150mm /6 " magnetic compass.
The digital reading which the product translated conform to NMEA0183.

Main technical parameters:
DC VOL : 12V to 24V
Working temperature : -40 0 - +80 0
induction perimeter:Clockwise 0~3600
Induction magnetic compass diameter: 100~190MM
Sampling resolving : 1 degree
Sampling period: 0.5 second
Limit error: 0.5 degree
power source: DC12V/30MA
heading error <= 1 0
Swing error <= 1 0 , course tracking speed <= 60 0 /S