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Phone book is widly use by common families, students, bussinessmans.

Magnetic phone book is one kind of phonee book, the front and back 2 side is made of flexible magnet, so it will have no automatic open problem, and could colse tightly.

Compare to the paper phone book, it use more convenience & advence, but the price is almost same. As electronic technology develop fast, electronic phone book on PC, Notebook, Mobile phone is take majority past of the phone book market. But vision phone book is still exist, special for low cost & quick use. And it's also have advence in families sharing use, and for people who love penning use.

Every product have front and back surface, it's stick on the flexible magnet, it could made of metal, paper, plastic, ect. and the color also could change form sliver, gold to red, yellow, blue. . .

It's very suit for bussiness promotion. on the front we provid 4 PMS color printing, customer could print his design pic & customer's logo on it. On the bottom customer could print his company contact info. It's suit for bussiness promotion.

We provide products Specification:

Item# Size Capability Surface material Surface color Printing on surface color

(1) MD1301 3.3"x2.3" ;12 sheets ; PVC plastic; 2 color(Sliver/Gold) 1 or 2 color

(2) MD1302 3.3"x2.3" ;12 sheets ; PVC plastic; Red/Yellow/Blue. . . ; 1 or 2 color

(3) MD1303 3.3"x2.3" ;12 sheets ; paper; 4 PMS color

(4) MD1304 3.2"x2.0" ;12 sheets ; paper; 4 PMS color

(5) MD1305 2.4"x1.7" ;12 sheets ; paper; 4 PMS color The Size.

Capability, Surface material, Sruface color, Priting on aurface color all in customer require.

The packing could be colorbox, PVC bag, or customer own choosen.
Available Colors
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
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Minimum Order Quantity
Terms of Payment
30% T/T
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