Sell Magnetic pop up (HJ-106)

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HJ-106 magnetic pop up (straight, curve)
Feature: 1 deluxe oval case with wheels, it can be used as an elegant counter.

1 4x3 frame
21 magnetic bars
3 spot lights
28.2 metre magnetic strip
6 piece PVC
12 piece graphic strip
12 piece graphic pin
High quality aluminum alloy as material
Benefits: lightweight, portable. Easy to carry, easy to assemble and disassemble.
This pop up can be used as double-sided display with graphic panels.
Pop up framework has many colors available

Standard size:
1x3 Straight 2230x1130x300mm
Curved 2230x1130x300mm
2x3 Straight 2230x1865x300mm
Curved 2230x1815x300mm
3x3 Straight 2230x2595x300mm
Curve 2230x2442x300mm
4x3 Straight 2230x3330x300mm
Curve 2230x2958x300mm
Special size according to requirement