Sell Maifan Stone Grinders for tea & spices

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These stone mills are solid Maifan Stone and are simply great for stone grinding of your favorite tea and spices.
Maifan Stone was discovered in ancient China during the Ming Dynasty and is revered to this day as the magic stone. The non-debasing granite stone is native to Inner Mongolia. Reach back across the centuries and grind grains and spices like the ancients did.
The hand operated grinding mills come in three sizes that will fit in any kitchen or food preparation setting. Stone grinding of grains assure that essential oils are not separated like the high speed machines used today. The slower cold pulverization of the grain or bean keeps all the goodness into each tiny particle.
The 5 Tea and Spice Grinder is ideal for stone grinding tea and/or spices. Spices ground with this mill offer unsurpassed flavor and aroma.

Brand Name
Maifan Stone
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15 days
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3 units
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Trademark # 78468851
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30 days
10 pounds