Sell Malaysian Starfruit a. k. a. Carambola

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These are Malaysian Grade B10 Starfruits. The fruits are hand picked and only the best are selected for export. The quality of fruits are strictly controlled for export by government agencies. Its fruit, the carambola, more popularly known as star fruit, but also coromandel gooseberry or kamranga, is a golden-yellow to green berry. When cut across it shows a 5-pointed (sometimes 6-pointed or 7-pointed) star shape, hence the name, "star fruit. " Star fruits are crunchy, and have a slightly tart, acidic, sweet taste, reminiscent of pears, apples, and sometimes grapes. The fruits are a good source of vitamin C. Its seeds are small and brown. They consist of a tough outer skin and a tangy white inside.

There are two varieties of star fruit - acidulate and sweet. The tart varieties can often be identified by their narrowly spaced ribs. The sweet varieties usually have thick fleshy ribs.

The fruit starts out green, and goes to yellow as it ripens, though it can be eaten in both stages.