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Molecular Fromula: HOOCCH2COOH
White crysital , purity 99.5%; Melting point:133-135 Ca, Mg<150ppm; Ni, Pb<15ppm
Packing: 25Kg paper drum
CAS No. :141-82-2

JP Fine Chemical Co. , Ltd. is a pharmaceutical intermediates manufacturer in China. We mainly produce following products: Malonic acid(Cas No.141-82-2) ; HO-EPCP(Cas No. :62893-24-7) ; 5-amino-2,4,6-triiodoisophthalic acid; 5-amino-2,4,6-triiodoisophthalic acid dichloride
Triphosgene; 4-Ethyl-2,3-Dioxo-piperazine(Cas No. :59702-31-7) ; 4-Ethyl-2,3-dioxo-1-piperazine carbonyl chloride; Barbituric acid (Cas No: 67-52-7) ; Triphenylmethyl chloride(CAS NO:76-83-5
) ; Oxalic acid (Cas No:6153-56-6)
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