Sell Malt Wet Mill Machine

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The main framework: soaked unit, feed and mill unit, feed pump unit, mixed pipeline unit and control system. The malt in the store be sent to hopper, after clean, and pass soak system, soak roller which under variable speed drive control use low speed pass the hot water nozzle and average soak the malt, and then the soak roller provide feed to mill roll, afterward crush, the materials after crush mix stir with serofluid water, sent to saccharification tank from feed pump. The key components of malt wet mill--crush roller is made of stainless steel, by the special processes, high hardness, corrosion-resistant, service life long, the roller adopt eccentric adjusting type, control system adopt Siemens programmable controller, the control system is more stable and reliable, the advance water temperature controller can fast and accurate auto adjust the temperature of water. Intelligent flow totalizer can auto stop machine when flow achieve the setting process requests, liquid level sensor could aviot the level beyond the limit and cause blocking system or automatic fault shutdown.
Control system can also provid temperature control according to the require of users' need,
communication interface of flow gauge connect the computer and centralized control, control system have manual and automatic two sets. Automatic cleaning, washing, the part contact with some of the material used are stainless steel materials, up to the healthy foodstuff standards.