Sell Malting apparatus integrative machine

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The three main processes of barley-soaking, germination and drying that the barley-malt process experiences are carried out in the malting unity machine. When soaking the barley, we pour water to submerge the barley, some time later, stop soaping and drain out the water to adopt the spray way. After the soaking, we come to the stage of germination, at this moment we should turn on the fan machine to get some air and produce. After the germination we can deal with the drying, which is carried out in the high effectively single-layer drying oven.
The malting unity machine is our companys latest developed equipment for small and medium-sized malt enterprises. It completely changed the traditional system of malting system, leave out soak malt, drying and other multi-storied building, and save the germination boxes, the brick-concrete structure and other civil engineering, but also save the no material handling from the soak malt, germination to drying, to save costs and improve productivity.