Sell Maltodextrin(DE5-20)

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Product description:
Maltodextrin is starch derivative
without free starch made from
starch or starch material with
enzymic method controlling low-
level hydrolysis, purification and
spray drying. It is a basic
material widely used in food
Main and auxiliary ingredients:
Glutinous rice, rice or cornstarch
Features and product advantages
1) Safe ingredients: the
ingredients are edible materials,
safe and reliable
2) Color, taste, and smell:
white or yellowish-shaded formless
powder, without visible foreign
bodies. It offers intrinsic smell,
no abnormal smell, not sweet or
slight sweet, no odor.
3) High viscosity, good
thickening effect, good
solubility, good instant
dissolvability, good carrier
feature, low fermentation, low
moisture absorption, no abnormal
smell, low saccharinity, easy to
digest and absorb by human body,
low calorie and low fat.