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Maltodextrin of white powder is made of starch of high quality by liquefaction of starch enzyme, concentration, spraying and drying.

This product with good quality, little sweetness, no odor, suitable viscosity, low hygroscopicity, and uneasy to agglomerate, can be widely used in various sweeteners, flavorings, and filling agents as fine carrier. Besides, maltodextrin with good emulsification and thinkening effect can help foods shaping and improve the appearance. The product can also keep foam in drinks and prevent crystallization in candy.

Improve the taste, tenacity and texture of food, prevent crystallization and extend shelf life.
Making maltodextrin as basic ingredient and scientifically preparing in beverage can pop out the original flavor, reduce the loss of nutrition, and increase benefit. Besides, it can raise the solubility and thickness in solid wine, instant tea and coffee.
Instant Food:
Adding maltodextrin in the instant food can greatly improve the taste, increase variety and benefit. Added it, the food should become more suitable for children.
Canned Food
Adding maltodextrin in canned food can increase viscosity and improve shape, texture and quality.
Other Application:
Maltodextrin can be used in the production of dehydrated vegetable, instant noodle, etc. to maintain the original color and improve taste.

PH: 4.5-6.5 and 6.0-7.2
Moisture: less than6%
Ash content: less than0.5%

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