Sell Maltodextrin

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CAS NO. : 9050-36-6

Chemical Specification: Ash 0.6%max
Moisture 6.0%max
D. e value 18.2%
Ph 4.0-6.0
Solubility 98%min
Bacterium total cfu/g 1000max
E. coli cfu/100g 30max
As mg/kg 0.5max
Pb mg/kg 0.5max

Food grade 25kg/PP Bag

in sweets industry it can increase flexibility and prevent granulation and melt, lower sweetness, change taste, improve institutional framework and prolong storage life of sweets. to use it in sweets it reduces the incidence of disease such as toothache, obesity, maximum pressure and diabetes etc.
in beverage industry, to use it as raw-material, after reasonable mix, it will increase nature smell, reduce the loss of nutrition, improve dissolubility, lower sweetness, reduce cost and further increase economic profit.