Sell Maltodextrin

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Maltodextrin occurs as a white, slightly hygroscopic powder, as granules of similar description, or as a clear to hazy solution in water. It is a purified, concentrated, nutritive mixture of saccharide polymers obtained by the partial hydrolysis of edible starch. Powders or granules are freely soluble or readily dispersible in water.
Function: Anticaking and free-flowing agent; bulking agent; stabilizer and thickener; surface-finishing agent.

Lead: 0.3 mg/kg
Protein (Total) : 0.4%
Residue on Ignition: 0.3%
Sulfur Dioxide: 0.0020%
Total Solids (Powders and Granules) : 94.0%
Packaging and Storage: 20KG/Bag (PE bag inner) , keep dry, and store at ambient temperatures.