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Product Identification :

Synonyms :Maltodextrin; Dextrin maize starch

CAS No. :9050-36-6

HS CODE :35051000

Molecular Weight :504.44

Chemical Formula : (C6H10O5) n

Characteristics :White powder without impurities that can be seen by eye

Main Usages :Its bland taste makes it inert to other food flavours and colours. It is a good agent in ensuring dispersibility in clold water and maintaining clarity and eye appeal. It increases the viscosity and prevents caking and crystallisation in the frozen foods such as icecream.

Standard Specifications :Terms Quality Standard

Appearance :White without the impurity that can be seen by eye

Annual Production :100,000MT/Year

Packing :25kg polywoven bag or paper bag with pe inner

Storage :Kept in a light-proof, well-closed, dry and cool place.
Brand Name
Asian Winner
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