Sell Mammography System

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High-frequency and high-voltage generator:
Mico-focus rotating Mo anode X-ray tube
Automatic exposure control
Emergency switch, manual pressure release and computer auto control
Spatial resolution: 20Lp/mm
Density resolution: 1.19mm
Minimum calcification resolution:1305m

Environmental Specifications:
Operating Requirements Storage/Shipping Requirements
Temperature: 5 to 40oC Temperature: -20 to 70oC
Relative Humidity: less than 80% Relative Humidity: less than 93%
The atmosphere pressure: 70 to 106 kPa

Output Voltage Specification Information:
AC Voltage: 220V+/-10%
Frequency: 50HZ+/-2%
Power: 130VA

Pneumatic Specifications:
Oxygen Inlet
Pressurized Oxygen: 0.28~0.6 MPa medical oxygen

IEC Classification:
Ordinary equipment, not protected against the ingress of liquids Not protected/Not suitable for use in the presence of flammable anesthetic gases

Performance Specification:
1. Controls
Power ON/OFF
Tidal Volume 0~1800ml
Breath Rate 5~60 bpm
O2 45~90%

2. Sigh
Inspiratory Time 0.5~3sec
Inspiratory Pause 0~1sec
Trigger Level -1~0kpa
Over Pressure Relief <6kpa

3. Alarms and Indicators
High Pressure Alarm Limit
flash, red indicator, can be adjustable
Low Pressure Alarm Limit
Red indicator , can be adjustable
High Minute Volume Alarm Limit flash, Red indicator, can be adjustable
Low Minute Volume Alarm Limit flash, Red indicator, can be adjustable
High Rate Alarm Limit flash, Red indicator , can be adjustable
Apnea interval flash, Red indicator, can be adjustable
Alarm Silence 120sec. max
Power Red indicator
Insp. phase Green indicator
Exh. phase Green indicator
T. VOL Indicator Green indicator
MIN. VOL Indicator Green indicator
PRESSURE Indicator Green indicator
RATE Indicator Green indicator

What Is Provided:
Part Name Number

Ventilator 1
Mobile 1
Humidifier 1
Breath Circuit 1
Manipulators 1
Oxygen Pressure Reducer 1
Mask 1
Lung Simulators 1
Hand Book 1
CD For Operation 1