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Product name: Mancozeb
Chemical name: Manganese ethylenebis (dithiocarbamate) (polymeric) complex with zinc salts
Molecular formula: C4H6N2S4Mn. C4H6N2S4Zn
Molecular weight: 266.31
CAS No. : 8018-01-7
Property: Grayish-yellow powder, decomposes before melting point (136C) , flash point is about 137C, negligible volatility at room temperature, practically insoluble in water and most organic solvents, decomposed when exposed in acid , heat or moisture air, it may fire when it decompose.
Uses: Mancozeb is used to protect many fruit, vegetable, nut and field crops against a wide spectrum of fungal diseases, including potato blight, leaf spot, scab (on apples and pears) , and rust (on roses) . It is also used for seed treatment of cotton, potatoes, corn, safflower, sorghum, peanuts, tomatoes, flax, and cereal grains.
Mancozeb 88%, 90% Tech;
Mancozeb 50%, 70%, 80%, 85% WP;
Mancozeb 430 g/l SC;
Mancozeb 64% + Cymoxanil 8% WP;
Mancozeb 60% + Dimethomorph 9% WP.
Package: As per customer's instruction.