Sell Manganese

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The series of manganese: The serial products of electrolytic manganese bioxide mainly include electrolytic manganese bioxide and its supported serial products such as electrolytic metal manganese, manganic manganous oxide, manganese sulfate, high purity manganese carbide, sodium permanganate, sulfuric acid, etc. The electrolytic manganese bioxide produced by our company has a high chemical purity and the content of every kind of heavy metal is less than 5PPM in the products. Among the heavy metals, the content of molybdenum, arsenic, antimony or vanadium content is all less than 0.5PPM which has met the advanced standard of the world. Electrolytic manganese bioxide has been extensively applied to the production of batteries, magnetic material, dyestuff, medicines, etc. The battery trade developed rapidly in recent years --alkaline battery and lithium manganese battery. The high purity metal manganese is used to produce steel, stainless steel manganese alloy and magnetic material.