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In view of the information, we like to avail the opportunity to brief you some of the prospective aspects of our company. Our company was established in 1995 and have been producing fine quality Surgical, Dental and Beauty care Instruments mostly for European, Japanese and U. S. A. Customers since over last decade, as per their all-round satisfaction, in terms of quality standard, competitive prices and 100% safety 'ON BOARD' deliveries.
We are proud to a reputation of using fine materials in our products, duly selected by the qualified experts and have a Guarantee. We use following materials for our instruments:-


Now we introduce a new metal for your instruments called 'TITANIUM'.
Our titanium medical instruments line is one of our most popular. These medical instruments are incomparably stronger, lighter and they last longer than traditional stainless steel medical instruments. The corrosion resistant and non-magnetic properties of titanium also give it an advantage.

Oligarchy Industries offers a complete line of the finest surgical instrumentation for all specialties. Cardiovascular/Thoracic, Urological, Gynecological/Obstetrical, Orthopedic, Arthroscopic, ENT, Ophthalmic, Plastic Surgery, Dermal, Neurosurgical, Microsurgical and the list goes on and on. . .

By dint of our quality workmanship, prices and true commitments, our exports have rapidly boosted up and this speaks that our worthy buyers are very satisfied with our business commitments always honored as agreed upon. We intend to extend you our best services: therefore please find here here our COMPANY PROFILE for ready reference and further inquiry, while our CATALOGUE may also be sent, if desired. You are sincerely requested to please write us for Samples, and further information.
Look forward your nice enquiry and we aim to offer you SPECIAL PRICE and precise services. We would once again assure you that it is our sincere desire to serve you to your complete satisfaction.