Sell Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor (MAP) [Model 8013]

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1. 20 kPa to 103 kPa
2. 1.8%FS Static Accuracy
3. MEMS technology
4. Programmable ASIC to meet customer specifications
5. Low part count enhances reliability
6. Amplified and temperature compensated
7. EMI protection
8. Available for turbo applications

Model AT8013 incorporate MEMS technology and custom Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) technology in the design. It is specifically designed for tough automotive application.
Model AT8013 was designed to perform in the understood harsh environment such as temperature extremes, vibration, thermal and mechanical shock, and corrosive chemical. Typical applications include manifold absolute pressure (MAP) , barometric, EGR pressure and brake boost. Please contact us for special design to meet your requirements.

1. Range: 20 kPa to 103 kPa
2. Supply Voltage: 5.010.5 VDC
3. Maximum Operating Voltage: 7VDC & 24VDC
4. Durability: 2 million cycles
5. Output Voltage: 0.4 to 4.9 VDC at 5VDC excitation
6. Response Time: <=2ms
7. Proof Pressure: 300 kPa
8. Static Accuracy (%FS) : 1.8 typ.
9. Operating Temperature Range: -40 to + 125 degrees
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