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Product Identification :

Synonyms :Mannite, Mannitol, D- mannitol

CAS No. :69-65-8

HS CODE :29054300

Molecular Weight :182.17

Chemical Formula :C6H14O6

Characteristics :white crystal powder, smell-less, sweet taste

Main Usages :
(1) In pharmaceutical industry :As injection material, mannitol Intravenous infusion can be used for depressing icranial cavity pressure and intraocul- ar pressure and as diuretic. It is widely used in the clinical practice. It also has the function of preventing hypertension, arteriosclerosis and meningitis etc. Additionally, it has a certain effect in excipient or filler for tablets and healthy foods raw material. In microbiology, mannitol is a good culture media for some microbes.

(2) In the sythetic-chemical industry :Mannitol is one of the important raw materials in producing fatty acid ester, ma- nnitol polyther and rigid mannitolester.

Standard Specifications:CP2000, BP98, USP26

Items Specification :

Annual Production :5000MT/Year

Packing :25kg/polywoven bag or paper bag with pe inner

Storage :Kept in a light-proof, well-closed, dry and cool place.
Brand Name
Asian Winner
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