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In the long run , the capsule filling jacket adopt manual capsule plate , which need to plug the capsule casing into the hole , and after filling up the powder , to cap the capsule one afer another. this working method require a lot of labour and with the disadvantage of low efficency . as for the low price of the manual capsule plate , so it is suitable for clinique , chemical store , medical producing studio , and family.
The JCT Capsule Filling Machine has taken advantages of the Full-automatic ones and got rid of some complicated structures . The parts which cost much without obvious efficiency have changed into manual ones. the machine will coodinate the capsule casing , and combine the capsule cap and capsule jacket , which is convinient and compact. And the machine is suit for the medium and small size medical factory , hospital clinique .
Operating step :
1 Press the green key to get the machine start.
2 Adjust the  switch button of strong or ebb viberating slowly , and turn it positively , then the adjusting plate that connected with the viberating support  is viberating , the adjusting plate can be touched with hand . you should adopt it to a certain intensity by feeling .
3 put the capsule casing into the capsule casing coordinating plate ,300 particale each time . then put the capsule cap into capsule cap coordinating plate, 300 particale each time also . the coordinating plate is made of organic glass plate . many hopper type hole is dug above , the diameter of the hole is suit for the capsule size.

4 about 30 second , capsule casing and capsule cap drop into the hole , the hatch is toward above . if there is any towerd below , the capsule cap can be used to press the casing , then it will be right .
5 horizental hand-taking capsule casing plate ( not drawn in the drawing , equiped with the machine, hole in the conecting plate) , then push the lower part of the adjusting plate , the sapsule palte will drop into the hole of the plate , take out the plate in the same way , take out the
capsule cap with the plate .
6 prepare a powder square plate with bottom area 500*500mm2 , four side height 10mm and get powder in it, then put plate in the powder plate. Put the equiped glass frame on the plate, put a pitch of powder in to the frame , scrap it with the side of frame then the capsule casing is filled up . at the same time scrape off the residue powder.
7 use the equiped jacket plate of the capsule casing (not drawn in the drawing , hole in the jacket plate ) , put it on the capsule cap plate, there is the corresponding hole , which is easy to do . reverse the the plate to get the capsule hole towerd down to gether the capsule casing plate which powder is filled, also easy to do with the corrisponding hole .
8 put the gethered capsule plate in to the interval in the lower part of the  capsule caping moulding plate, push the stick down to the position , and you do not need to care about you strength . because of the control for the down pressing from the positioning structure . take out gethered capsule plate , then pour the capsule out.

The main technical parameters:
1 suitable capsule : 0# 4#
2 capacity : 3000-4000/h
3 power supply : 220v 50HZ
4 size : 1000x500x950
5 weight : 100KG
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