Sell Manual Tile Cutting Machine For 60cm

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"OK" manual tile cutters do not use electricity, no dust, no noise, low loss. Simple operation, a push by one, all in one! First, open the product packaging, take out a balance bar, which plays the role of the fixed tiles, and then in the end will be cut to restore the Department of leverage to cut the tiles to be placed in parallel, and fastens the corresponding Scale nut, and then cut along the tile lever uniform surface to push forward until the top, and finally cutting lever raised, under the pressure facing the cutting surface perpendicular to, you can complete the tile cutting, activities ruler according to the size you need to adjust, if you need to cut 10 cm , just to screw nut open, pushing the benchmark to 10 centimeters, and you can tighten nuts, angle regulator, according to the perspective you need to adjust, then the same can be shown by the above operation. The use of "OK" Manual Tile Cutter symmetry of the tile surface is smooth, the seams are cut is also difficult to see traces of both simple and convenient and can be described as more with less. On the contrary, the use of traditional electric tile cutting machine, a lot of ills. Power-hungry, multi-dust, big noise, unsafe. These are seriously endangering the user's health and surrounding environment, the noise generated by the impact of construction time, more freedom.