Sell Manual for Universal Length Instrument with Digital Processing

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The universal length instrument is applied for absolute and relative measurement. It features in high accuracy due to adopting Abbe comparative theory and a high precision measuring system. It is mainly used in measuring office of factories and various level measuring departments in metal machining industry, specially in machine manufacturing, bearing manufacturing, gauge manufacturing as well as precision tools manufacturing and instrument manufacturing etc industries.
main subjects to be measured:
1. Shaft, hole, plug gauge, ring gauge, clip gauge, length bar, cone, cylindrical workpiece, lower-grade block gauge, workpiece with parallel planes etc.
2. Pitch diameter of internal thread, thread, thread ring gauge, thread plug gauge
EX-100 instrument is equipped with a data processing system. This system consists of a computer and data processing software, digital display hardware. The measuring results can be output by a printer. 2. principal
2.1. The instrument is a contact-type measuring system, using scale as the measuring reference. According to Abbe theory, it is fixed in the center-line of the Abbe measuring shaft and the shaft is rectangle, there is no rotation during movement. The worktable has 5-axis freedom motions, with special accessories such as the inner measuring accessories, the electrical measuring accessories to measure work piece internal/external dimensions. These functions are as same as traditional length instrument.
2.2 raster digital display system
It includes a raster measuring system and a digital display system;

2.2.1 the raster measuring system consists of a scale and a reading head(Its theory is shown as Fig.1) .
a) Lighting system
The raster reading head adopts an infrared light emitting diode as a light source. The light becomes parallel light on the scale surface with scales by a condenser. The infrared light emitting diode owns a high luminous efficiency with extremely low temperature and can work at low voltage and small current. It is compact, with long life and high reliability.
b) Photoelectric translation
The scale is a black-and white raster with 100 scales at each 1mm. The indicating raster is a tetrad division phases. When adjusting the former scales to parallel with the latter ones, the light gate (Mohr fringe) will occur during the both raster moving relatively due to light transmission effect and light screening effect. The silicon photocell at back of the indicating raster receives periodic change light flux which transfers into electric signals with 00, 90, 1800and 2700phase differences. Then these signals are sent into the digital display system.
2.2.2 The digital display system is supported by an EDS100 fine digital display hardware and corresponding software(ED101) .3. Specification
3.1 Measuring range(mm)
a) External dimensions
Absolute measuring range 0~100
Relative measuring range 0~700
b) internal dimensions
Using small-size measuring accessories (maximum penetrating depth 12, maximum wall thickness 50) 10~430
Using large measuring accessories (maximum penetrating depth 50, maximum wall thickness 85)
Using electrical measuring accessories
a) electrical measuring accessories 1~60
b) Universal measuring accessories 14~112
Thread measuring accessories
a) head pitch diameter measuring
Max. 200mm
Pitch 0.5~6
b) Internal thread pitch diameter measuring
Using small-size measuring accessories(mall diameter 13~ 30)
Using large measuring accessories [small diameter from 31~(- wall thicknessW2
Pitch 1~6
3.2 Reading mode and display value: digital display, splay value 0.15m
3.3 Measuring force(N) 0, 1.5, 2.5
3.4 Display value variability
a) or external dimensions 2δ <=0.35m
b) or internal dimensions 2δ <=0.55m
3.5 Instrument accuracy
For external dimensions, accuracy better than: 0.55m(2010.20)
For internal dimensions, accuracy better than: 15m
3.6 Universal worktable
a) Installation area approximately 160W60 mm2
b) light adjustment range (0~ 100) mm
c) universal stroke 25 mm
d) tilting around Y-axis 130
e) worktable rotation 140
f) limited load 10kg
3.7 Fitting dimension for inner diameter of the measuring cap-shaped accessories 6H7
3.8 Outer diameter for the rod fitting with the inner diameter of the measuring cap-shaped accessories 6g6
3.9(m) instrument size
LengthWwidthWheight 990W90W50
Brand Name
ISO9001 CE