Sell Manual two-stroke hydraulic oil press

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Manual two-stroke hydraulic press is designed for now sell sesame oil squeeze market. 0.45 kilograms of oil can be pressed from one kilogram sesame seeds. It also can be used to press walnut oil, almond oil, peanut oil, etc.

model power Handling capacity Machine weight(kg) overall dimensions (MM)
SDA-3 1.5kw 46kg 140 750X450X450

Oil raw material Time weight / time output per10 hours oil output rate
Sesame 8-12/m 7kg 350-500kg 42%-52%
peanut kernels 8-12/m 7kg 350-450kg 36%-42%
Walnut kernel 8-12/m 5-6kg 250-300kg 50%-60%
Pine nut kernels 8-12/m 5-7kg 300-600kg 45%-60%