Sell Manufacturer of Fusible Alloy

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Saru Alloys specializes in fusible alloy of varying sizes as per customer requirements and also available in various grades and shapes.

The SARU range of Low Melting Point Alloys holds the key to these and varied other applications.

Alloys in the SARU range melt at temperature below 250oC. Most of them are completely molten at 150oC, many at less than 100oC and some even below 30oC.

And the fact that they are so easily melted is only the beginning.

Each formulation has its own special characteristics. They may Shrink or Grow after solidifying. And one or two do not change volume as they melts.

You can use them for Bending, Anchoring, Sealing and Soldering. They can support delicate jobs without distorting. They are used for Modeling, Moulding and Shielding against Radiation.

Ask for Data/ Application/ Selection Data Sheet. Your own problems solution may be there already!

Or perhaps you have a different task for one of our Alloy?

The SARU ALLOY SALES DIVISION will be glad to bring their experience to bear on your particular problem.

Please feel free to ask any information you may require on our product or company.