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Characteristics 1325-I(light duty) : 1, Germany-High-precision ball screws Preload Consumers gap, the movement to reduce the gap to the minimum. 2, 4 imports Pai ball linear guides, self-lubricating block so that the direction of force equal to ensure that the mechanical precision and intensity. 3, the application of the breakpoint memory, guaranteed in the accident (Duandao) or the next day, under processing. 4, a number of workpiece machining unique way to preserve the original point. 5, gantry movement, strengthen the surface, sturdiness and durability, prolonged use of distortion, so that more precise positioning accuracy. 6, produced not only signs without serrated carving fine, smooth contours clear bottom, and also cut 2 cm plexiglass ease. 7, the channel bed and casting bed for election