Sell Marble Engraving Machine Zks1218

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ZKS-1218 Marble Engraving Machine Marble carving machine ZKS-1218 Characteristics: 1>imported linear square rails, dual four slider, loading capacity, smooth operation and high precision, long life, under the knife precision. 2> The entire machine seamless welded steel structure, rigid Haobu deformation, table back lining plate, the rigid strength, and machine loading capacity can be 3>constant power spindle motor, cutting intensity, high efficiency. 4>software compatibility, and compatible with Typ3/Artcam/Castmate / Wentai, and other CAD / CAM design software 5>two-way tool cooling system, effectively raising tool life Scope: Granite, marble, Qingshi, sandstone, and other stone carvings Granite and other hard stone carving to be at level 5 mm Marble, Qingshi, can be a sculpture to 5 mm Marble Engraving Machine ZKS1218 Performance parameters: Performance parameter 1218 X, Y Working area 1200mmx1800mm Z Working area 260mm Table size 1400mmx2300mm Processing precision 0.05mm Reposition precision 0.05mm Table structure aluminium X, Y, Z structure X, Y, Z ballscrew Command G CODE Machine power 2KW Max processing speed 6000mm/min Max speed 8800mm/min Working voltage AC380V/50Hz Spindle power 4.5KW Spindle rotating speed 0-24000rpm/min Drive motor Stepper Operation system PCI CARD control