Sell Marigold  Oleoresin

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Marigold oleoresin is obtained from fermented marigold flowers by extracting and refining. Its main components are carotenoids like xanthophylls and oils and wax existed in plants.

Application:Natural pigment, widely used in food, cosmetic, tobacco, medicine and feed additive.

Characteristic: Wax-like dark brown solid, intenerated under heat, at 300 turns into paste and becomes into viscous liquid at 400, soluble in vegetable oils and organic solvents like ethanol, hexane and acetone. Insoluble in water.

Quality Index:

1. Xanthophyll content: 100-160g/kg
2. Arsenic: <2.0ppm
3. Lead: <2.0ppm
4. Mercury: <2.0ppm
Package: 200kg iron drum with epoxy resin paint inside or according to the customers requirements.

Storage:Protect from light and heat. Store in cool, dry, airproof and innocuous condition.