Sell Marine Collagen Powder Peptide

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We use modern biotechnology to produce super marine collagen(peptide) . The molecular weight of our collagen is less than 3kda.
1) characteristic:
1. Security
Raw material:100% codfish skin. (100% natural product)
It has distinct differentia between botanic protein (for example: Soybean protein) and animal protein (for example: Milk protein) .
Botanic protein: Pesticide pollute and transgenic.
Animal protein: Mad cow disease (bse) and foot and mouth disease.
The security of our product is very nice.
2. High hominine absorptive
Our collagen is easier to be absorbed by hominine than amino acid. The rate of 17 amino acids of our collagen is very similar with human's muscle.
3. High protein content and easy to eat.
The protein of our collagen is more than 90%. The power has light yellow to white color and 100% water-soluble. The smell is very good. It can eat with milk, soup, rice, drinks etc. Almost everybody can eat.

1 . Appearance: light yellow to white powder, 30-200mesh.
2. Protein Content: = 90%
3. Molecular weight: 3KDa max, 2KDa max, 1KDa max.
4. Heavy Meta: Pb<1.0mg/kg; As<1.0mg/kg; Hg<0.5mg/kg.
Our company manufactures and markets of marine fish collagen and related products. We uses fresh fish skins and scales to manufacture fish collagen through enzymatic engineering and spray drying, 500MT per year, including food grade and cosmetic grade. Because of good raw materials, advanced technology and strict QC system, fish collagen is of very high quality. It is completely water soluble. Fat, ash and heavy metal contents are very low.