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Evergreen marine airbags are the powerful tool for ship launching or upslip on temporary slip or unconstructed ground. Also marine airbag is widely used for heavy transportation and refloatation. Evergreen marine airbags are the powerful and convenient tool for many marine salvage works.
To send a stranded ships back to water marine airbag is the most convenient tool. People can insert airbags to the buttom of vessel and then inflate them. With the pull of a tugboat or push of a bulldozer, ship can easily move into water with the roll of airbags.

Advantages of marine airbag ship launching:
Less landform limited
Only need enough bearing power ground
Minimum fixture needed
Need no more than air compressors, winches and steel ropes
Environment Protective
Do no harm to the environment. No chemical needed.
Time & money saving
No construction need then save time and money. Marine airbags can be reused.
Applicability of airbag ship launching
1. Can only end launching
2. DWT below 60,000 tonnes
3. Width of launching channel no less than 1.5 times of length of vessel
4. For V-shape vessel launching, additional brackets may be needed
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