Sell Marriage

Original photography and poetry, professionally matted (8x10) with the choice of an 8x10 wood frame ($19.00) , or without the frame ($15.00) .

Text to this poem:
This world is full of uncertainty
and there are very few things we can trust.
But I want you to know theres security
in the love that is shared between us.
We have created wonderful memories together
truly, the best times in my life.
And the vows we made are as real to me now
as the day we became husband and wife.
We have had our share of adversity,
and weve made our share of mistakes.
We are still learning the art of compromise
and the dedication and work that it takes.
There have been times when it has felt hopeless,
when we felt overcome by the rain.
It would have been easy to walk away,
but we persevered in spite of the pain.
Because love is more than flowers and songs,
more than something you feel inside.
Love is deciding to try one more time
after everything else has been tried.
And no matter what storms we encounter
Im committed to you to the end.
Because there is no greater treasure in life
than being married to my closest friend.
Supply Capacity
5,000 per month w/o frame
Condition of Goods
8x10 inches
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
30 days
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Minimum Order Quantity
1 unit