Sell Marvelous 3D Interior Covering & Panoramic Murals

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It is brand new inventive interior solution of environmentally safe, with complete line up of every theme and packing as the world largest 3D collections. Moreover, CIC is very young brand to invest the resources to improve the qualities into second generation in 3D fluorescence effects and its packing and extend its line up continuously by adding or refurbishing new motives and arts.

Unprecedented dual function of daytime mural and 3D panoramas under black light. On the one hand, CIC is normal fine wall arts as a mural or sidewall coverings. On the other hand, it is panoramic 3D wall arts under black light. At one price, it can be utilized for both purposes at commercials, hospitalities, and home dicor.

CIC is one of the most economical interior decoration materials, together with efficiencies for installation and removal. When considering the costs in material, construction and maintenance, CIC is entitled to name as the most economical and effective interior solution on the world.

Differently from other interior solutions, CIC has both markets, to say consumer market and industrial market. The market for this unique product has been growing very fast in every corner of interior space on the world. Beginning with hospitality industries, the markets are expanding to commercial and workstation settings, even to home dicor. The market is enormously huge worthy of your investment.

CIC boasts the exclusive competitiveness of the product in its manufacturing knowhow and monopolistic position of supply. In reality, no other country on the world could commercially produce this unique and gigantic interior covering in scale and dynamic 3D quality, due to lack of industrial background and processing technology, together with the cost effectiveness.
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135cm x 360cm