Sell Massage Chair DLKH-009

Massage Chair DLKH-009
Instruction for the product :
*Intellective hand-simulated with multifunction & microcomputer which can measure the peoples height to adjust to the best position automatically
*Mechanical hand without noise which is set at back will be up & down, driven by four wheels, it can complete the massage modes of shiatsu, kneading, tapping, knock, and kneading-tapping at the same time.
*Moveable setting of airbags for the massage at the armrest
*The massage modes of vibration and airbags at buttock, calves and feet which can alleviate the ache and clear away the tiredness
*The MP3 is set inside which can download any music from the computer, the intensities for the massage can be changed as per the change of musics voice
*The back support can be adjusted to the angle of 170 at most, the feet rest will be extended to the level position while it is raised up
*Equipped the swivel wheels which can be flexible to remove the chair.