Sell Massage Master - M850t Smart Massage Device

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Device/1, Massage patches/4, Output cord/1, ear clip cord/1, USB cord/1, charger/1, Travel pouch/1, User's manual/1

Technical Parameters
Voltage and Frequency: AC 100-250 V 50/60 Hz
DC 5V 1 10%
Amperage: <= 50 mA
Power Output: <= 0.3 W
Pulse Width: 0.1mS 1 30%
Output rang ( unidirectional ) : Minimum 0 V - 5 V, Maximum 60 V - 80 V
Adjustment is continuous between minimum and maximum output. ( 1K(Ohms) load resistance )
Dimensions: 145mm W 68mm W 129mm
Weight: Approx. 100g

Product introduction

Product features:

If you haven't experienced it for yourself, it would be difficult to imagine the awesome power and effectiveness of The Massage Master.
Massage treatment is an amazing part of traditional Chinese medicine. It provides excellent results for common and frequently occurring discomforts. However, it must be performed by a massage expert, and is usually very time consuming and fairly expensive.
The Anhui TOPS company has worked with related research institutes and designed a product that incorporates the theories of Chinese medicine with modern technology. It imitates real massages and has programmed different massage techniques into electric signals that make the muscles move actively, thus resulting in the same excellent effect real massages.
The Massage Master is safe, effective, economic and convenient.
Safety. The Massage Master sends out electronic signals that resemble those that are natural to the human body. It is completely safe to use, dies not cause any discomfort or imbalance to the body, and is completely without side defects. More importantly, using The Massage Master eliminates any possible side effect that could be caused with medicinal treatments. It is a natural yet effective treatment.
Effectiveness. The Massage Master is so effective, it only takes 40 minutes to eliminate any discomfort. With regular use, it can help regulate metabolic activities, increase blood circulation, quickly eliminate any less-than-healthy states and improve the overall condition of the body. The device can be used continually, and operates at 20 levels of strength to cater to your every need. Its large, ultra comfortable treatment patches always provides a highly enjoyable treatment.
Convenience. The Massage Master is small, lightweight and absolutely portable. It uses little power and can be powered by battery, AC outlet, or a USB port. It is especially convenient even for those who have to operate a computer all day. It uses a blue LCD backlight and is sleek and stylish.
Economy. The Massage Master is one of the most affordable in its class, it can be used over and over again, by everyone in the family. It is your personal massager, always at hand. You don't even have to set foot outside of the house for an excellent, relaxing treatment.