Sell Masterbatches(White/Black/Color)

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QualiWhite masterbatches

Premium/professional grade for blow-moulding and general injection

Blue-shade white masterbatch series is characterized by excellent hiding power and is absolutely free from regrinds. The superior dispersion also minimizes fish eyes and uneven surfaces in blown film and color deviation during processing.

Excel grade for cast film/lamination

Our excel grade masterbatches is equipped with excellent heat resistance, outstanding hinding power and superior dispersion. No die-deposit and colour distortion under high processing temperature, it is ideal for cast film and lamination.

Master grade masterbatches

Our universal masterbatches employs premium quality polyolefin carrier resins and high titanium dioxide(tio2) loading. Compatible with almost all common thermoplastics and has no adverse effect on physical properties. Its low let down ratio also helps in minimizing production costs.

Our white masterbatch series is in compliance with the regulations of fda. Applications included: Packing bags, films for personal care products

QualiBlack Masterbatches

Premium Grade for Blow-Moulding and General Injection

M3-the quality black masterbatches contains fine particle-size carbon black, coupled with extremely high dispersion. It has minimum colour spots and exhibits the high glossy silk finish of films. This grade is ideally suited for most blow-moulding, extrusion or injection applications.

Master Grade for General Injection and Extrusion

M6-the distinctive black masterbatches employs premium quality and special processed polymer as carrier resins. It is absolutely free from regrinds and has no adverse effect on physical properties. With high degree of jetness and gloss as well as good tinting strength, M6 is perfectly suitable to reach deep black colours and for high quality prodcuts.

Professional Grade for General Injection and Extrusion

M7-General purpose black masterbatches is ideal for cost-effective colour. With high degree of jetness, good tinting strength, low let down ratio and excellent quality, it minimizes colouring costs and help to ensure stable quality of products.
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