Sell Mattress Spring Unit Roll-pack Machine

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This machine is mainly used for roll-packing spring units to save shipping and storage cost. It has the following technical features:
1 Controlled by PLC and touch screen, highly automatic, stable performance.
2. Various unit-feeding speed controlled by hydraulic power.
3. Fit for pocket spring units and bonnell spring units
4. Equipped with semi-auto cutting device
5. Equipped with semi-auto taping device

Main motor power 5.5KW
Roll-discharge motor power 2.2KW
Table lifting motor power 0.75KW
Oil pump motor power 1.5KW
Power of the exothermic wire 3KW
Total power 13KW
Spring Unit Height 60-160mm
Maximal Roll Diameter Approximately 800mm
Roll Pack Quantity Maximal 12 units/roll
Width of the spring unit maximal 2.1m
Production Capacity approximately 40 units/hour
Packing materials kraft, fabric material, etc.
Main Machine dimension(length*width*height) 3856*1300*1850mm
Discharge Table Dimension 1800*1000*880mm
Feeding table Dimension 2000*1600*962mm