Sell Mayflora weight loss slimming diet slimming drinking tea

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Mayflora weight loss slimming diet slimmin drinking tea
New way of reducing fat in waist and abdomen.
Using teabag by day will double the speed of decomposing fat, however, using it after dinner will lower blood lipid and interrupt the absorption of fat. Chewing-tablet contains dissolvable fibre to improve the digestive functions and bundle the fat and metabolic waste matter in bowel, and then discharge from the bowel. Combining with the teabag, it will be better, especially, the addition of calcium will make amends for the loss of calcium during reducing fat.
Without restriction of dietary during reduce weight
The concept of mayflora is "eating well and enough, advocating healthy reducing fat". Despite of the normal diary during reducing fat, the figure is also kept as usual and without suffering from pains to forbid having some food.
The world reputation
The products were authorized by FDA in 1996 and considered to be pure nature, safety and without any forbidden medicine, and sell best in Europe and America. The who gave highly regards that mayflora showed the leading position and the broad and profound culture of Chinese traditional medicine and food.