Sell Measuring & Marking Tools

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We are leading manufacturer & exporter of Measuring Tools & Marking Tools :

Dial Comparator Stand  Fine Adjustment
Precision Steel Squares
Adjustable Steel Square
Adjustable Bevel
Steel Parallels
Sine Bar Economy
Round Bar Centre Finder
Centre Square
Edge & Centre Finders
Wigler & Centre Finder Set
Machinist V-Block Set (Tool Maker)
Precision V-Block And Clamp Set - Multi Use
Precision V-Block And Clamp (Ultimate) All Angles
Casted V-Blocks
V-Blocks Quadruple
Magnetic V-Block
Micrometer Economy
Micrometer Stand
Brass Vernier
Vernier Calliper (5 & 6)
Steel Rules
Spring Calliper And Divider
Square Leg Callipers (Quick Release Callipers)
Firm Joint Callipers And Dividers
Firm Joint Jenny Calliper (Hermaphrodite Calliper)
Wing Compass
Beam Trammels
Machinist Scrapers
Triangular Scrapers
Slotted Angle Plates (Webbed & Open)
Stepped Angle Plates
Solid Angle Plates
Right Angle Iron Plates
Surface Plates

Our Specialty to develop new products (with our R&D Department backed by Team of Professional Engineers) differentiates us from other manufacturers. We are also capable to design and develop the products as per customers specifications.